St. Jude Community Homes Renovations

Toronto,, ON



The existing building at 275 Ontario Street consisted of a three-storey multi-wythe masonry structure constructed in the early 1900’s for Ault Dairy.  In 2003, significant renovations took place in order to convert the building into a 30-unit social housing project.

Structurally the renovations included the following: cutting out and removing parts of the existing floors to install new stairs and an elevator, selecting underpinning of the existing foundations, creating numerous new openings in the existing masonry walls, designing several areas of partial floor infill to accommodate new functional programs and reviewing the existing structural capacity to support new loading.  75% of the existing wood roof was removed and replaced with structural steel due to damage and deterioration.  We provided a new structural steel mechanical penthouse on top of the existing masonry walls.


  • Title: St. jude community homes renovations
  • Location: Toronto,, on
  • Postal code: 48629-9745
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


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Stephenson Engineering


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