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Micro Project News

Drive engagement, receive rich content & promote a business segment by creating a
Project News Feed Gallery

receive projects

Automatic, or Manual?

Control or automate the flow of content to your site

Full-featured Submission forms

Include feature-rich project submission forms & admin controls

Drops in Easy to any site

Widgets, WordPress plugins or full API allows flexible & easy integration into your site

Want to promote a market segment, or even help monetize your site?

Why monetize a site with just annoying adds?! Project Presenter can help deliver valuable content, plus monetization

Increase search visibility, target topics and regions

Refine the type of projects you want posted on your site, and Project Presenter will prompt any user's project that matches that criteria.

Require what you need

Set requirements for media, custom fields, and even roles on projects! Or, Memebers only!

Need more features?

Balance Details

Track your account balance accumulation and trigger payment whenever you are ready

Reorder & Feature Select Projects

Reorder your projects by dragging and dropping, or move a specific project to a Featured Project Section

Allow @Mentions

A posted project can list other project contributors and you can control their visibility

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Companies that use us

Everything you need to manage your thriving Project News Feed
Tools at your fingertips to comfortably automate.

Media Rights

We take photography and other media rights serious. Project Presenter has full media rights features built in for users posting projects to insure they have the rights to share.

Multiple Gallery Managers

Your project showcase can have multiple account logins to insure everyone at your company who needs access, gets access.

Fully Customizable Design

With our flexible integration options, the design and style of your Gallery/Feed of Project News is up to you.


Visible stats on how many projects have been added and how many views they are getting on your site.

Spreadsheet Export

Export the projects into a spreadsheet for further data analysis.

Matching Project Prompt

A user inside of Project Presenter will be prompted to post to your gallery when your criteria matches their project.