As Easy as Adding a Hashtag

Many companies post about their project activity on social media. You can now identify a post as 'Project News' by tagging it.

With this special set of tags you can automate a process that will not only collect and organize those posts into your Project Presenter account, but send them out to be published on your selected set of websites, like trade associations and news sites.

Organized & Accessible

By adding special hashtags you can tell Project Presenter to create a new project, or add the post to an existing project. You can add it to your project groups that you've customized like 'Office' or 'Current Projects'. You can even geocode your project so it can be displayed on a map by adding the address hashtag.

Any person that you've given access can now login and use a fully organized portfolio of projects complete with maps, photos, videos and other information. And you did nothing except add a hashtag to your facebook that is easy!

Automatically published to your PR Distribution Channels

Add your favorite PR Distribution Channels and control your settings to automatically send them your PR News, or just have them queued up for a final review and changes.

You can even choose to automate and feed your PR News into your company website along side specific projects or in a project news gallery. Use our widgets, full API, or WordPress Plugin.

Auto Publish