Marketing Features
Post your project activity & PR News post on Blogs, News Sites, and Topic targeted sites

Post an existing project page…

As easy as pasting a url to the page that talks about your project

…Or, Build your project page

Construct and host your project page on Project Presenter

Find matching sites

Project Presenter will find best-match project activity feeds based on attributes of your project, and your company

SEO, Earned

Leverage external sites to increase your Search Engine Optimization


Push higher by adding your link & logo in the @Mentions on existing postings where you had a role in a larger project

Measurable results

Get analytics reports from your projects working for you on other sites

Portfolio Data Management Features
Your company's important project legacy, organized and accessible

Organize with Groups & tags

Fully featured organization tools like re-ordering, grouping and project tags


Looking for a past project with X that John worked on…

Custom Fields

Customize the fields and data that you keep. Need a 'How Tall' field for your projects, just create it!

Multiple Portfolio Managers

Supports separate accounts and logins with access to the same portfolio of projects

Syncs with your website!

Save time & duplication by connecting your portfolio to your website allowing update, publish and unpublish

File attachments

Store project related PDFs and other files on each project

Photos & Videos

Supports video and various image formats

Spreadsheet Export

Export all projects, or a select group to projects, to a spreadsheet complete with custom fields

Employee Role support

Add employees to projects with their role and mange sub-portfolios of your team

The beauty of a organized company project Archive

We feel your company's project legacy should an organized, living archive of information that your whole company has access when and where they need it. It should not be tied to any single project management system or wedged into your content management of your current website. Project Presenter, and your data, is secure and reliable, but you also have all the tools you need to export your projects with full resolution images anytime you want it.

When it came time to update our website, it was faster, easier, and cheeper because our project showcase data could just be unplugged and replugged into the new website with a clean fresh design!

Secure, backed up, & ready when you need it.

A system that brings digital content marketing and an organized project archive together.

Easy Customization