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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do my PR News posts stay posted?

Your first 3 PR News posts will stay until you unpost them, or if the PR Distribution Channel manager decides to unpost it due to it being too old. If you have many postings they will stay posted live driving up your Search Engine Ranking until you decided to downgrade.

What are Project News Feeds or "PR Distribution Channels"?

PR Distribution Channels are galleries of project news and activity postings that are integrated into various websites. The 'theme' of the each Feed often matches the website's topic focus. For example, a website or blog having information about the development of a city may have a PR News feed of new building projects that are located in that city, a website promoting graphic artists in the midwest by allowing postings of project activity and works by the same.

How can I connect Project Presenter to my website?

To save time and money, companies often use Project Presenter as their company's living archive of past and current projects. Their legacy. From this single repository they can store data that only their company can see while controlling what the outer world sees, and where they see it.

To manage project showcase content on your own website you can connect to any existing or new website to Project Presenter by three ways. Widgets galleries which can drop in code and pull project content directly from your archive. Another option for full speed and design control is API (Application Programming Interface). Lastly if your site is a WordPress site, you can use the ease and speed of our WordPress Plugin.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel you subscription any time. Simply log into your Project Presenter account and downgrade your portfolio to a lower account or down to the Lite (free) account.

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