A better way to talk about your work

Traditionally, when we want to show the great work we are doing, we update our online portfolio with a new completed project. This tends to be infrequent and not seen by many.

In recent years companies have started posting smaller bits about their project work on social media websites. These social posts relating to one of your projects is exactly what we call a "PR News". They are less formal and more frequent than traditional PR announcements or news article.

Putting them together

PR News posts are brief individual stories about a larger story that is the overall project. Project Presenter brings these two communication styles together and gives you a website network to feed and distribute your PR News.

Your posts are more valuable and distributable because it is now tied to a larger set of meta-data about the project, like geographic location, team members, project categories and so on. This is the type of data that enables news websites, trade associations, product and regional authority websites to organize and publish your content.

Flexible, simple, and update-able

PR News gives you more flexibility to talk about various hot topics relating to your projects, and is in a more 'consumable' format to the public and your targeted market.

Project Presenter makes it simple and fast to get your content out there, then later add details to the project. Not ready to show a 'Read More about the project' yet? No problem. Post your project news and then update it later when and if you build out a larger page (by the way, you can host a full project page on Project Presenter if you don't have a larger project story on your company website yet). You can even offer readers a link out to sites besides your own to read about the project.

Search Engine Optimization

One important benefit of using PR News to talk about your project work is that it will drive up your Search Engine Ranking. Not only do these distributed posted create back-links to your website, but as you control the content around those links, you can begin to target keywords that you want to be found by on the web.