88 Scott St. :: Heritage Building Envelope Consulting

Toronto, ON



Stephenson Engineering is in the process of providing building envelope consulting services related to the removal of the existing 120,000 square foot limestone façade and the design of a new cladding system that is to be incorporated along the lower five storeys of a new 58-storey mixed use high-rise building at 88 Scott Street. The work included the design of the structural support system, wall assembly, specifications, and construction methodologies. The building is currently designated a heritage site by the City of Toronto.


  • Title: 88 scott st.
  • Subtitle: Heritage building envelope consulting
  • Location: Toronto, on
  • Postal code: 80906-3037
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • condominium-unit
  • building-envelope
  • physical-condition-assessment

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Stephenson Engineering


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