Downey Unified School District :: Auto Tech Bldg., Classroom & Admin. Bldg., Warren Bleachers

Downey, CA

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1 C.R. Bldg., 1 Admin. Bldg./C.R. Bldg.
Bldg. J (A#3812), Bldg. K (A#18169), Bldg N (A#18169)
1 Storage/Laundry Bldg., 1 Cafeteria Bldg., 1 Lockers Bldg., 1 Wrestling/Dance/Locker Bldg., 1 Gymnasium Bldg., Construction of 1 Bldg. for Walk-in Freezer


  • Title: Downey unified school district
  • Subtitle: Auto tech bldg., classroom & admin. bldg., warren bleachers
  • Location: Downey, ca
  • Postal code: 90241
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


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