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Grand Rapids Public Schools - Harrison Park Middle School Finished

TOTAL COST: $4,800,000
SUPERVISION: Derek Larson and Tim Hanna

The Harrison Park Middle School project was a very unique, challenging and fast-paced LEED
addition and renovation.  It consisted of 161,590 square feet of ductwork and a time-line that
allowed just 14 months to complete the entire project, with two summers being used to complete the existing building's extensive renovation portion.  The schedule was tough for all trades to meet, but with all the contractors working together, the project was a success.
One of the unique features of this project is the energy efficient cooling system that we installed.  This building is fully air-conditioned using a Chiller with Ice Tanks.  Using this system, the chiller is able to run at off-peak electrical times during the night hours and produces ice to cool the building during the day.

NWK faced several challenges on this project, especially with the renovation aspect on a daily
basis. Getting all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment, pipe and accessories to fit into an existing building that did not allow for those items when it was originally designed and built.

Overall, Northwest Kent Mechanical thoroughly enjoyed this project.  The obstacles encountered,   the long overtime hours worked, and the constant planning and teamwork displayed among all trades on the job made it one project that NWK is proud of and will not soon forget!

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