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Lohre & Assoc. Office Finished

Posted by: Lohre & Assoc. | Sep, 23rd

Project: Lohre & Assoc. Office

A renaissance is taking place to restore Cincinnati to a walkable and sustainable community. Locating this office project in the inner city represents the best in historical reuse and renewal.

This project, in the second floor of a three-story rowhouse, houses the office of Lohre & Associates Marketing Communications, www.lohre.com, and Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy, www.green-cincinnati.com, the second floor tenant. The building is among other older inner-city buildings undergoing renovation. The firm is a marketing communications agency that designs literature, web sites, photography, and trade show exhibits primarily for industrial clients, and which has a green building education and marketing division. There are four full-time employees, two-part time employees, and dozens of specialized associates. The building is used as an office on the first two floors and a residence on the upper floors.

This project earned LEED Platinum at a low cost due to material salvage and reuse. The motivation to pursue LEED certification was the owner’s green building division, which prepares students for the LEED AP exams. The project's most significant success was in demonstrating that LEED certification, even at the highest level, does not have to cost more. It is projected that energy savings are 25% and return on investment will be four years, excluding a $3,500 sawdust pellet stove that was purchased to serve as a centerpiece and conversation starter for the office by demonstrating renewable energy.

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