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Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Towers Finished

            Fisher and Associates’ immediate goal was to donate, at no expense to the City, the design for five lifeguard towers that drew from Floridian architectural precedents.  The “Clearwater Beach Art in Architecture Initiative” was such that the individual towers themselves stand as Canvases for locals and tourists alike to experience significant, stylized architectural elements that serve as way-finding landmarks along the context of beautiful Clearwater Beach.


In addition to their updated appearance the replacement towers feature a number of heightened amenities that aid lifeguards in keeping beachgoers safe.  Such improvements are: increased platform height, wider windows for added visibility, additional storage space, and longer foot ramps, tinted windows, improved structural stability, construction for recycled materials wherever possible, and broadened deck area. 


The towers’ unique designs represent styles from throughout Florida’s architectural history:  Everglades, Key West, and Seaside.  All three towers are located between Pier 60 and the southern Jetty, and are in close proximity to the newly completed headquarters building and renovated pedestrian walk.  Two future towers will begin construction in October; their styles will be designed in “Caladesi Island” and “Crystal River” styles. 


By moving our Clearwater Beach Art in Architecture Initiative forward, Fisher Architects will advance our commitment to improve the image of Clearwater’s primary tourist attraction, which fulfills our internal commitment of promoting the arts within our community, while providing our community with functioning landmarks and works of art for all to experience.

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Clearwater Beach Lifeguard Towers

Architectural Services Donated by Fisher Architects
Clearwater Beach, Florida