Premier Bank 2nd Floor Addition

Maplewood, Minnesota



Owner:  Premier Banks of MN   Maplewood, MN 

Architect:  Architectural Consortium, LLC  Minneapolis, MN

The addition included one story above the existing one story building, with the intent to blend as if constructed 30 years ago.  The construction consisted of post and beam support system with steel stud infill and R-21 spray foam insulation, masonry stair and elevator shafts, and steel bar joist and metal deck roof structure.  The floor utilized the existing concrete roof deck which was built in preparation for this addition during the original building construction.

2008 MN Assoc. Builders & Contractors, Inc. Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award


  • Title: Premier bank 2nd floor addition
  • Location: Maplewood, minnesota
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • office

Project Credits:

Stotko Speedling Construction


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