Kent County 63RD District Court

Grand Rapids, Michigan



This 2-story, high-security facility will house 6 prisoner detention cells, with detention frames and glass as well as private meeting areas with detention glass for lawyers and prisoners. There is a Salleyport entrance for sheriffs department to use when transferring prisoners. A prisoners-only elevator goes from the lower holding cells to the upper holding cells. The exterior is brick and block over a steel structure. Floor finishes consist of tile, exposed concrete and carpet. Wall finishes consist of exposed block with epoxy paint, painted drywall, and tile. Some areas of the building have built in floor heating. All the walls are soundproofed between courtrooms and conference rooms and public areas.

Judges have the ability to lockdown the entire building from the bench. There is bulletproof drywall at the judge’s bench as well as private bulletproof safe rooms within the judge’s chambers.

The building is designed and constructed so the public cannot access any area except public areas without employee escort. Bulletproof drywall will be installed at all public windows. Dry system fireproofing is installed in records storage. Employees have private parking and a private entrance.

Well lit with natural light, the 63rd District Courthouse is being built to Green standards. It will contain a Geothermal heating and cooling system from 45 wells that were drilled 300 feet into the ground outside the facility.


  • Title: Kent county 63rd district court
  • Location: Grand rapids, michigan
  • Postal code: 49525
  • Phase: Complete
  • Green: Leed registered
  • Delivery method: Construction management
  • Size: 39902.0

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Status: Completed


  • government
  • commercial


Pioneer Construction


Exxel Engineering


Soils & Structures, Inc.


Ritsema Associates


r.o.i. Design


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