Maryhill Cemetery :: Niles, Illinois

Niles, Illinois




Mekus Tanager was retained by Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago to design a garden crypt complex for Maryhill Cemetery in Niles, IL.  Since the new project abutted existing garden crypts, Mekus Tanager designed the new crypts to architecturally compliment the existing crypts both in design and in building materials.  The new complex, named Mary Mother of Roses, expands the existing burial capacity of the cemetery by 3,200 crypts and 1,200 niches.

The new Mary Mother of Roses complex includes garden crypts and niches, an outdoor committal shelter with stained glass artwork portraying Mary Magdalene.  Featured artwork also includes a mosaic crypt façade depicting Mary Magdalene, a garden with a sculpture portraying the baptism of Jesus, and a columbarium garden with a sculpture of stainless-steel crosses.



  • Title: Maryhill cemetery
  • Subtitle: Niles, illinois
  • Location: Niles, illinois
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • Cemetery
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Mekus Tanager, Inc.


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