Providence Pedestrian Bridge

Providence, Rhode Island



The Providence River Pedestrian Bridge is a unique urban proposal in that the basis of its proposition is an exchange of transit medium. The relocation of a substantial, vehicular only conduit in favor of a pedestrian oriented connector will completely transform the spatial character of the Jewelry District/Old Harbor. Given this significant urban transformation, the project envisions a potential much larger than a pure connector. The proposed Providence River Pedestrian Bridge will become a spatial mediator between urban and ecological spaces and function as an integrated series of programs into the waterfront public spaces, allowing east and west to become a singular meandering public space. With this perspective, the proposal is better understood less as abridge and more as an urban intervention. Additionally, the re-invigorated entrepreneurial spirit of Providence is poised to weather the global economic downturn with a future vision for the emerging Knowledge District and potential new bio-medical corridor. The face of this future is one of innovation,intellectual fervor and progressive thinking.


  • Phase: Under construction

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Status: Completed


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