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Portfolio archive

Designed with teams in mind, Project Presenter can be your company's archive of project experience.

Parse your project history by who worked on what type of project, when.

Publishing to a larger world

Project Presenter is as scalable as you need it to be. It is designed to let you wield your projects' exposure across the web, and track its progress. Discover where people discover your services.

Built for teams

Most projects have more than one contributor. Sometimes its people, but often its many companies. Project Presenter allows you to share and control project data like photos, descriptions, videos, and awards throughout the team making it fast and easy for everyone on the team to show off something they are proud of.



Radar-black@2x Project Radar

Your Project Radar will keep listening for new places to Re-Publish your work. Institutions, municipalities, associations, and topic centers can "receive" your project profiles and publish them directly into their website, giving you targeted marketing exposure. Track what websites your projects are being viewed and were you're getting your best engagement.


Features-ico2 Build a following

People can follow your entire portfolio, or follow your "Project Project Updates" on live projects. Don't get lost in the endless chatter of a Facebook feed, engage people and companies that have a true interest in your work. Project Presenter allows people to follow a specific portfolio or a topic feed like the American Institute of Architects, Grand Rapids


Features-ico3 Flexible & Easy Website Integration

Since your project profile information is nicely organized and in one place, wouldn't it be perfect if you could publish the data directly into your company website? Project Presenter has both Widgets (think 'automatic transmission') and a Full API (think 'manual transmission', more power but you have to know what you're doing).



$ 0 /month

Basic archiving tools

3 Direct messages/Mo.

Use of shared project data



$ 38 /month

Unlimited projects

Multiple portfolio panagers

Direct public links to your website

Website integration tools

Custom fields

Advanced searching

100 Direct messages/Mo.

Portfolio downloads & backups

Phone support


$ 9 /month

Project groups

Multiple managers

No ads on portfolio

Email support

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Frequently asked questions

I see a project I worked on, can I add myself?

You can add your contribution to a project, though the owner of each presentation of that project has the choice to display, or not display, your work on that project.

I found what appears to be my portfolio?!

Users can add people and companies to their projects to show them as part of the team. The portfolio is a collection of projects you've been tagged on. If you feel you should be a manager of a particular portfolio, click the "Flag" at the top of the portfolio and submit the form.

Can I upload my professional photography?

Project Presenter is designed for professional portfolios with copyright protection in mind. When you upload photos, they will be automatically be marked "private" and no other project contributor will be able to use that photo. You do however have the option to share that photo with others on the project if you so choose.

Can I export my projects

Yes. Premium users have the ability to export all, or build smaller lists based on search criteria, and export those projects to a spreadsheet.