Cincinnati Financial Corporation Tower Three

Fairfield, Ohio



Roth Partnership, Inc. worked with the Cincinnati Financial Corporation to add a 487,000 square-foot tower and 700-car parking garage to its facility.  This third tower features seamless integration with the existing two towers on the site, also designed by Roth. The design focuses on maintaining a unified appearance throughout the campus, specifically through the interiors in the new tower.

A curtainwall-clad connector joins the existing towers with the new tower.  Numerous renovations were completed inside the existing towers.  A stamped and integrally-colored concrete plaza joins the three buildings.  Tower three also includes a conversion of docks and storage units to offices.  Upgrades and expansions to security offices, and an expansion of the dining hall are also included.  The integrity of security and communications technology are of great importance to the client for this project. Therefore, Roth worked with engineers to establish the most appropriate solution to meet these needs. Docks and storage units are being converted into office spaces in order to accommodate the changing needs of the company. 


  • Title: Cincinnati financial corporation tower three
  • Location: Fairfield, ohio
  • Postal code: 45014
  • Phase: Complete
  • Delivery method: Design-build
  • Budget: $101,000,000
  • Size: 487000.0

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Status: Completed


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  • office-buildings

Project Credits:

Roth Partnership


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