ADAC Automotive Corporate Headquarters

Grand Rapids, MI

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Having worked closely with Rockford Construction (the CM) for several years, VanDyken was invited to bid on the project. The team  was chosen with partners Grand Valley Automation, to lead the design and construction of the HVAC systems for their HQ building. Their success in landing the was project  was due in part to their extensive experience with underfloor air distribution systems (UFAD). UFAD is an integral component of a modular raised access floor platform, providing the foundation for increased flexibility and performance of building systems. Based on modular components working in conjunction with a raised access floor platform, UFAD systems have lower life cycle costs than conventional HVAC systems. The ability to reconfigure office spaces quickly, provide energy efficient operations, ans well as an comfortable environment for the building's occupants are all positive impacts to an owner's bottom line.  This project is a great example of how VDM and GVA collaborate to create a high quality solution. It gave GVA a chance to showcase their new Schneider Electric MPX DDC controllers, which control the most essential equipment in the building. (the AAON rooftop units, humidifiers, boiler system and snowmelt system).

The six month design process began in April, 2018 with VDM's VP of Engineering, Bill Barrett, designing the UFAD system and coordinating with the Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing design-build team of Buist Electric, Byron Plumbing, Total Fire Protection and Grand Valley Automation. Utilizing a 3-D model of the building, throughout the design and working closely with ADAC Automotive, RCCI and Integrated Architecture (the project architect), the design team transitioned smoothly into the construction phases in October, 2018. Areas where space is at a premium and coordination between trades was critical were rendered in 3-D for the project to optimize the design. 

The cooperative relationship between VDM and GVA and their significant combine experience allowed even the most ambitious project goals to be completed on time and within budget. Not only did the team skillfully design the UFAD systems for the traditional office areas of the building, but also other unique building systems and design elements that needed to be incorporated. 


  • Location: Grand rapids, mi
  • Postal code: 49512
  • Phase: Complete
  • Completion Date: December, 2019

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Status: Completed

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Grand Valley Automation, Inc.

Building Automation

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Posted: Nov, 22nd

Project: ADAC Automotive Corporate Headquarters

ADAC Automotive is a leading manufacturer of automotive parts headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. Due to our extensive knowledge of underfloor air distribution systems (UFAD), the VDM/GVA team was chosen to lead the design and construction of the HVAC systems for the new Corporate Headquarters.

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