Driesenga & Associates

Holland, Michigan

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Baker Lofts

Holland, Michigan



The Baker Lofts in Holland, MI. was a revitalization project that transformed an existing factory building into upscale residential and commercial condominiums that now house various businesses including a restaurant, a bakery and a saloon. Through the restoration process, the building’s turn of the century brick exterior and architecture were preserved. Driesenga & Associates, Inc. prepared the Condominium Subdivision Plans/Exhibit “B” Documents for the project defining the Condominiums. An ALTA survey was also completed prior to the purchase of the building, as well as some engineering which consisted of grading around the building for walks and curb islands. A partial topographic survey was completed for the grading work as well as construction staking for the walks and curb islands.


  • Title: Baker lofts
  • Location: Holland, michigan
  • Postal code: 49423
  • Phase: Complete
  • Budget: $17 million
  • Size: 200000.0