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Kentwood, MI

20 Monroe Live (The Venue)

Grand Rapids, MI


20 Monroe Live was the dream of Greg Gilmore for many years.  He saw the need to create an event space downtown for events without having to book a much larger venue,  such as Van Andel Arena.  The site logistics was critical because of the configuration of The B.O.B. and the layout of adjacent buildings.  


Matt Austhof from Titan Interiors (Estimator and PM)

Matt Boydston from Titan Interiors (Field Superintendent)


Our scope of work included Cold Formed Metal Stud Framing, Insulation (batt and spray foam), EIFS and DEFS, Fireproofing (Sprayed Fire Resistant Material), Light Gauge Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, Acoustical Ceilings, K-13 acoustical spray, and Intumescent coatings on the raker beams, and AV platforms. 


All of the structural steel members had to have 1 -3 hr. protection by Fireproofing.  The acoustical properties of the finished building became of utmost importance when considering noise and the surrounding buildings, and within the space.  Acoustics By Design was involved in prescribing the criteria that was desired regarding Noise Reduction and Sound Transmission.  These properties were controlled by adding additional K-13 acoustical spray to the VIP lounge, and additional thicknesses to the event space roof.  Isolated stud framed drywall walls, and isolated drywall ceiling systems were added to control noise transfer.  Also an isolated roof deck system over the entire structural roof deck was added to alleviate noise transfer outside the building (over 1,800 individual Kinetics KIP 33 pads that our metal stud joists rested on, insulated, and covered in 3/4" firetreated plywood - approx. 13,000SF ).  


Other changes throughout the project involved adding EIFS cornice work and fan details coming down on the Monroe side, of which that Art Deco design has carried through other elements inside the building.  It was decided Lofts were desired in the VIP lobby and heavy gauge framing and turnbuckles had to be added to support 4,000lbs. each.  More bars were desired and incorporated with acoustical cloud ceilings above them.


We were able to perform our contractual work and add changes that more than doubled our contract value, and do it all in 7 months time. 



  • Location: Grand rapids, mi
  • Postal code: 49503
  • Phase: Complete

Project Identification Number:


Status: Completed


  • Interior & Exterior Construction

Project Credits:

Orion Construction, Inc.

general contractor

Keith Carey Design

Interior Design


ABD Engineering & Design

Acoustical Engineering

Ed Pyonnen

Owner's Rep.

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