Kerkstra Precast

Grandville, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast specializes in concrete construction and unique concrete design. We offer a total precast concrete solution for a prefabricated building or a custom designed concrete home. For decades, our prestressed concrete has been the material of ch




This small retail facility proves that precast wall panels aren’t only for large buildings, but make sense for small boxes too! This Walgreens features 11,124 square feet of precast insulated backer panels with dovetail slots. The precast panels were erected in 4 days allowing other trades to begin construction on the interior much quicker than a traditionally built building. The steel roof was erected by the precaster/erector to improve coordination and speed. The outside of the building was later bricked. “Precast concrete was chosen for our Walgreens project because of the speed of installation and ease of construction; many retail projects like Walgreens have short construction schedules and the 2 -3 weeks we can gain by using precast makes a huge difference in our turnover dates. The precast panels also help us avoid many of the steel connection and bearing issues we encounter with masonry block walls. We’ll definitely keep using precast panels for these projects!” Kara Slater – Project Manager, GDK Construction


  • Title: Walgreens
  • Phase: Complete