Kerkstra Precast

Grandville, Michigan

Kerkstra Precast specializes in concrete construction and unique concrete design. We offer a total precast concrete solution for a prefabricated building or a custom designed concrete home. For decades, our prestressed concrete has been the material of ch

Little River Casino Resort

Manistee, Michigan



The Little River Casino Resort was originally designed with masonry. With an extremely tight schedule and a January construction start, along with the many other advantages of precast concrete, the construction team decided precast would be the system of choice. The hotel features 44,159 sq ft of hollowcore floor plank, 22,179 sq ft of 8: solid demising walls, elevator, stair-shaft walls, and precast balcony slabs. "With the kind of winter conditions we have in Northern Michigan, we needed to be able to work regardless of the weather conditions. Using precast allowed us to do just that," Scott Potter - The Christman Co.


  • Title: Little river casino resort
  • Location: Manistee, michigan
  • Phase: Complete