Kendall Electric

Portage, Michigan



Kendall Electric is a full line electrical wholesale distributor. Their new plant located in Portage serves as a distribution center for the countless electrical products that they distribute to the industry. The project consists of 16,500 square feet of precast insulated sandwich wall panels that were erected in just over one week. The panels feature a smooth, stained finish with cast in reveals giving the large manufacturing facility a warm, clean look that will be around for generations.

"Our client, Kendall Electric., was looking for a durable, low maintenance building with a lasting life. This requirement along with a tight construction schedule led us to the precast concrete, load-bearing wall panels chosen for the project," Mark E. Stauffer, JR.,LEED AP - AJ Veneklassen, Inc.


  • Title: Kendall electric
  • Location: Portage, michigan
  • Postal code: 49002-9753
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • warehouses-&-distribution
  • Industrial

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Kerkstra Precast


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