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Grand Rapids, Michigan

r.o.i. Design provides innovative design solutions and project management for the hospitality, resort, public space, workplace and retail customer. r.o.i. Design collaborates with clients to provide a return on investment.

G.B. Russo & Son - Addition

Grand Rapids, Michigan



r.o.i. Design has been a customer of G.B. Russo’s for many years. In February of 2006, they called us and asked us to help them plan for an expansion at their site. The Russo family had looked at moving their store to a number of locations in south east Grand Rapids, but came back to the realization that they have the best location on 29th Street. r.o.i. Design developed the schematic that doubled their floor space, expanded their parking lot, improved their shipping and receiving area, created a more dynamic shopping experience and a competitive look. The exterior design pays homage to the fact that their original store was a storefront on Division Ave. in the early 1900’s, and the simple transformation hints at the charm of the neighborhood grocery store. After the design was near complete, r.o.i. Design teamed with Wolverine Construction who took the design through construction documents. The store planning and interior design changes that G.B. Russo’s has made will benefit the customer as well as the Russo family. We are proud to have partnered with John, Dave, and Phil Russo to make this family business a Grand Rapids retail landmark.


  • Title: G.b. russo & son - addition
  • Location: Grand rapids, michigan
  • Postal code: 49512
  • Phase: Complete
  • Budget: $ 1.0 million
  • Size: 8000.0

Project Identification Number:


Status: Completed

  • retail

Project Credits:

r.o.i. Design



Wolverine Building Group



Burgess Concrete Construction



D9 Systems, Inc.


Interiors Contractor - Primary and - steel studs, exterior sheathing, drywall, acoustical and EIFS

Williams & Works



Classic Engineering


Structural Engineering


Soils & Structures, Inc.


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