Live Oaks Career Campus

Milford, Ohio



Kent Companies was contracted by Kramer & Feldman Incorporated to provide and install the Maxxon Level-Right Underlayment on this project in Milford, Ohio.

Due to increasing enrollment, the school district renovated its Live Oaks location to add more classrooms.  The original flooring had a depressed concrete slab for a ¾” tile inset. The old tile was removed, which created a need to fill the ¾” depression to match the surrounding floor for the installation of new finish floor goods.

Kent Companies installed a 3/4” average of Maxxon Level-Right at 5,500 psi over roughly 1200 square feet, providing a new, flat floor ready to receive finish flooring.


  • Title: Live oaks career campus
  • Location: Milford, ohio
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • education
  • institutional
  • underlayments

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Kent Companies, Inc.


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