Imagine MASTer Academy

Fort Wayne, Indiana



This project consisted of a complete renovation of a three-story 1950's era cottage building on the campus of the former YWCA into a Middle School classroom building. The renovation included providing a needed nine (9) classrooms, three (3) on each floor as well as bringing the building up to code in regards to ADA compliance.  Exterior ADA ramps were added and an interior, 3-stop Vertical Wheelchair Lift was utilized.  Also included in the renovation were staff offices, student and staff restrooms, and student locker areas.  The HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems were all updated during the project as well.


  • Title: Imagine master academy
  • Location: Fort wayne, indiana
  • Postal code: 46808
  • Phase: Complete
  • Delivery method: Design-build
  • Budget: $965,000.00
  • Size: 16095.0

Project Identification Number:


Status: Completed


  • adaptive-re-use
  • education

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