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Slaaten Learning Center :: Minot State University

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The Slaaten Learning Center is a College of Business remodel on the third floor of Old Main at Minot State University. The project was funded by Doris Slaaten, a former professor at the college. It was formerly used for a computer lab and computer repair classes. The project objective was to turn the labs into flexible instructional space designed to simulate the corporate business environment. The new classrooms include a formal board room with full conferencing capabilities, group and individual study areas, and a student organization meeting room.


EAPC services included architecture and construction management.


  • Title: Slaaten learning center
  • Subtitle: Minot state university
  • Location: Minot, north dakota
  • Phase: Complete
  • Delivery method: Construction management
  • Budget: $357,172
  • Size: 2930.0

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Status: Completed


  • colleges-&-university

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