Vicksburg Stadium

Vicksburg, Michigan



D&A provided a full scope of design and construction services including: topographic surveying, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction surveying and construction materials testing and inspection. In coordination with the project architect, Tower Pinkster Titus, Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (D&A) provided assistance for the reconstruction of an existing Vicksburg stadium. The project included the reorientation of the stadium within the confines of the High School campus to improve the venue and campus safety. The project included the removal of 57,000 cubic yards of unsuitable soil beneath the field in preparation for Southwestern Michigan’s first synthetic playing surface for high school sports. The project also involved the relocation of a 42” county drain from beneath the stadium. Additional improvements included two new concession stands, seating for 4,200 spectators, and upgrades to the adjacent soccer field.


  • Title: Vicksburg stadium
  • Location: Vicksburg, michigan
  • Postal code: 49097
  • Phase: Complete
  • Budget: $4,500,000

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Status: Completed


  • stadiums
  • educational-institutional

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Driesenga & Associates


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