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Holland, Michigan

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Lake Pointe Condominiums

Spring Lake, Michigan



An industrial site was targeted for re-development by the Village of Spring Lake, as part of their Master Plan. OneMarket Properties, Inc. created a plan for a four-story, 34 unit residential condominium facility overlooking Spring Lake. The ground floor includes a public restaurant as well as private, interior parking for residents of the high-end condominiums on the floors above. This plan also embraces the Village’s desire to expand a public-use boardwalk along the lake. The boardwalk was extended across the waterfront side of the facility with public access pathways on either side, so that the Village’s goal of connecting the waterfront with residential and commercial uses in the area was accomplished. Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (D&A) provided complete survey, site engineering, staking, and materials testing services. MDEQ and FEMA approvals were obtained for work within a floodplain, as well as a Soil Erosion Control Permit. D&A coordinated with the Ottawa County Drain Commissioner for on-site relocation of an existing enclosed county drain which serves to drain the West Savidge Street corridor. Under a separate contract with the Village of Spring Lake, D&A also provided design and landscape architecture services for the boardwalk expansion project.


  • Title: Lake pointe condominiums
  • Location: Spring lake, michigan
  • Phase: Complete