English Hills

Walker, Michigan



The English Hills residential development will be a uniquely amenitized residential community situated on approximately 143 acres in the City of Walker. The proposed community encompasses the English Hills Golf Course located between Four Mile Road and the I-96 Expressway, west of Alpine Avenue. The Project exemplifies the creative use of PUD zoning to seamlessly incorporate residential, recreational, commercial and open space uses within the framework of an existing city park, a commercial banquet facility, and adjacent residential and highway uses. The development provides multiple owner-occupied housing opportunities suited to Grand Rapids area residents. The property boasts over 36.5 acres of open space, 3 acres of water features, and nearly 5 miles of trails and sidewalks. Great care was taken to preserve trees and natural areas, which will provide inviting views and recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy. Driesenga & Associates, Inc. (D&A) furnished topographic and boundary surveys, design engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental consulting services for the 143 acre development. D&A staff worked closely with the developer to refine the design concept and to secure zoning and design approvals from the City of Walker, as well as an extension of public utilities from the City of Grand Rapids.


  • Title: English hills
  • Location: Walker, michigan
  • Phase: Complete

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Status: Completed


  • residential-land-development
  • residential

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Driesenga & Associates


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