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The GVSU’s student housing project, completed in 2004, is located in Allendale, MI. The project consisted of two 3-story buildings totaling 124,000 sq. ft. forming a unique “E” shape. The new facility represents a modern idea of higher educational housing with spacious 2 and 4 person units. These aren’t the dorms that most of us remember as students. GVSU has really taken steps to understand the study and living needs of their students and have built a top-notch facility to accommodate them. The mechanical and electrical teams at Classic directed their efforts to meet a demanding schedule and to design efficient HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems that will keep the long-term operational costs of the facility low.

This project consist of 175 one & two bedroom apartments for student housing at Grand Valley State University Pew Campus. The mechanical system is a four pipe fan coil for every apartment. Chilled water is provided by a grade mounted cooling tower and an interior 175-ton centrifugal chiller. Heating water for the fan coils and snowmelt system is provided by two 990,000 BTUH boilers.

“Great Job” to all involved!


  • Title: Gvsu housing 2004
  • Phase: Complete
  • Size: 124000.0

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Status: Completed


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