C. B. Goldsmith and Associates, Inc.

Clearwater, Florida

Holy Family Catholic Church :: Roof Replacement & Exterior Renovations

St. Petersburg, Florida



New plywood substrate over custom metal purlins; SSMR (Field-Lok) roof system; low slope, single ply roof membrane over LWIC; custom flashings and details; new sealants and exterior coatings; stucco repairs; window replacement; wet glazing at existing windows, and water repellent application. Recipient of 2006 MCA President's Award



  • Title: Holy family catholic church
  • Subtitle: Roof replacement & exterior renovations
  • Location: St. petersburg, florida
  • Postal code: 33702
  • Phase: Complete
  • Budget: $525,000
  • Size: 20000.0

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Status: Completed


  • religious
  • exterior-envelope
  • Roofing

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