C. B. Goldsmith and Associates, Inc.

Clearwater, Florida

C. B. Goldsmith & Associates, Inc. (CBG&A) is a full service, forensic architectural and consulting firm, specializing in the investigation, evaluation and design of new and existing building envelope systems.

Hillsborough High School :: Re-Roofing & Building Renovations

Tampa, Florida



Re-Roofing: New slate tile roof; custom copper flashings, scuppers and internal gutters; modified underlayment; SBS modified roofing over nailed base sheet with tapered crickets; copper clad base flashings; and wood deck repairs/replacement.


  • Title: Hillsborough high school
  • Subtitle: Re-roofing & building renovations
  • Location: Tampa, florida
  • Postal code: 33603
  • Phase: Complete
  • Delivery method: Construction management
  • Budget: $1,585,000.00