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Kent Companies, Inc.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kent Companies specializes in all aspects of concrete construction, concrete pumping, floor underlayments and treatments, decorative concrete, high performance coatings, concrete polishing and staining, concrete lifting, foundation stabilization and resto

Live Oaks Career Campus

Milford, Ohio



Kent Companies was contracted by Kramer & Feldman Incorporated to provide and install the Maxxon Level-Right Underlayment on this project in Milford, Ohio.

Due to increasing enrollment, the school district renovated its Live Oaks location to add more classrooms.  The original flooring had a depressed concrete slab for a ¾” tile inset. The old tile was removed, which created a need to fill the ¾” depression to match the surrounding floor for the installation of new finish floor goods.

Kent Companies installed a 3/4” average of Maxxon Level-Right at 5,500 psi over roughly 1200 square feet, providing a new, flat floor ready to receive finish flooring.


  • Title: Live oaks career campus
  • Location: Milford, ohio
  • Phase: Complete