The "Ascribe" idea, re-crafted and reborn

In 2008 we started Ascribe with the idea of serving the construction industry by offering them a tool to help them showcase their project portfolios and allow the companies to cross market by sharing links between each portfolio.

The idea, although with some flaws, seemed to have merit. Many companies across North America began to use Ascribe, but unfortunately the 2008 financial crises caused enormous pain within our brand new company and some hard decisions had to be made in order to have best chance at survival. The application aged, and while still supported, was not able to keep up with the times.

With big ideas, an increased understanding of the larger market, and new in-house software craftsmen on the team we started the process that we knew had to be done, rebuild from scratch. The application soon became so significant different than the original intentions of Ascribe, it made sense to rebrand the new application as “Project Presenter”.

Project Presenter serves companies and people that work on projects that they are proud of. We believe that project experience is the most powerful factor for predicting success on new projects. We believe your mark on this world can be seen through the projects that you dedicate your time and passion to. Our mission is to help people connect through experience, and to celebrate a hard day's work.

If you added projects in Ascribe, they are still here. Please create a new login, and claim your portfolio.