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AIA - Florida

C. B. Goldsmith and Associates, Inc.

Clearwater, Florida

C. B. Goldsmith & Associates, Inc. (CBG&A) is a full service, forensic architectural and consulting firm, specializing in the investigation, evaluation and design of new and existing building envelope systems.

Mack Farms, Inc. - Office Building :: Roof Replacement

Osceola County, Florida



Forensic Investigation: Perform a representative physical survey of the existing roof covering system; Identify any code compliance issues, problematic detail conditions and/or workmanship issues and provide commentary on those items found to be defective, irregular or unacceptable; Assess the overall conditions of the roof covering system; Provide approximate costs for repair; Prepare a written report of all findings along with recommendations for a course of action.

Roofing: Steep slope roofs - Structural standing seam (snap lock) metal roof system with custom flashings and details over new plywood substrate over metal hat channels; Flashing repairs; Perimeter gutters and downspouts; Roof-to-roof ladders.
Roofing: Low slope roofs - SBS modified roofing over base sheet with tapered crickets; Replace roof drains; Replace mechanical curbs; Repair plywood decking; Miscellaneous flashing and sheet metal.



  • Title: Mack farms, inc. - office building
  • Subtitle: Roof replacement
  • Location: Osceola county, florida
  • Postal code: 32448-3685
  • Phase: Complete
  • Delivery method: Design-bid-build
  • Budget: $123,000
  • Size: 8100.0

Project Identification Number:


Status: Completed

  • renovations
  • agricultural

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